Your Health is Sacred.

Enjoy your freedom and be the best version of you. Put yourself first, stay warm and cuddle up with r|e|d because you and your health are sacred.

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At home with The Diner’s Wrap. 

I use my Diner’s Wrap all the time at night while watching TV and using my iPad, or if I am reading.  It works great as there is plenty of blanket to cover my feet and I can hold a book or iPad and keep my arms warm.

Joyce B. Randolph, New Jersey USA

The Diner’s Wrap blanket is great for camping, picnics, tailgate parties and other sporting events in cold weather or when weather is uncertain, as they fold small and you can take only the pieces you will need.

Donna M. Houston, Texas USA

The Diner’s Wrap has kept us so cozy while entertaining outdoors during the pandemic. It keeps you warm in all the right places while allowing free movement of your arms. It’s so much better than a blanket or shawl - it’s both!

Glyniss H.W. Port Moody, B.C. Canada

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Are you cold?

Enjoy outside again. The Diner’s Wrap.

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The Diner's Wrap is now available across North America.

Diner's Wrap

Sleep is sacred. Health is sacred.

We believe that sleep is sacred and is a crucial part of our health. Therefore obtaining a high-quality sleep is a necessity in life that should be high-quality, enjoyable and financially accessible to everyone.

The r | e | d brand is rooted in the mission to lovingly develop alternative sleep solutions that can improve the health + wellness of all humans. Health and well-being are at the core purpose of our business and operations so we will always ensure that our people and products are treated with the utmost care and kindness.

When all else failed to help Rick get quality sleep and recover from a long term injury, he went on a journey to find reprieve. His solution was so extraordinary, his mission is to ensure all humans can access this for improved health and well-being.

r|e|d Sleep Innovations is committed to a healthier Earth.

These are some of the ways we're lessening our Carbon Footprint; converting our warehouse to LED lighting, reusing throwback, non-electric trundle sewing machines, and ensuring that the shipping size of your purchase is minimized by using reusable, air-tight packaging.

Join us, you can help and share in our commitment to the Earth.
Use your blanket inside, and turn down the heat to reduce greenhouse gas.
Together we can make a difference.

r | e | d

Relax. Exhale. Dream.

Success starts with sleep!

Feeling well-rested, alert and on top of your game throughout the day is fueled by quality sleep. Put yourself first and cuddle up with r | e | d because you and your success are sacred.